Authoritative Parenting

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs that most people will undertake during their lifetime. There are so many things that become issues when it comes to choosing the right path for your parenting style. There are hundreds of experts with hundreds of differing opinions about parenting. The media has varying opinions about parenting, and the way each of us was raised makes an impact on our parenting style. This makes the decision about how to parent your kids difficult to say the least. The key to parenting, no matter what style of parenting is chosen, is that the style of parenting should be agreed upon by both parents before any children are brought into the family. This is a critical discussion to have, especially if the parents were raised in vastly different types of homes.

This brings us to the discussion about authoritative parenting, of all recognized parenting styles this is the method recommended by the highest number of professionals. Authoritative parenting is a style of parenting where the parents believe in creating a close relationship with their children. They also believe in holding their children to a high level of achievement in everything they undertake. Authoritative parenting also believes in setting boundaries for the behavior of children. A child that does right receives high praise, and a child that does wrong or does not meet expectations is punished. People that practice this type of parenting do not necessarily believe in spanking, they will usually use other types of punishment.

One of the main keys to successful authoritative parenting is that the home features open communication between everyone in the home. The boundaries and expectations are communicated clearly to everyone in the home. This way the children know exactly what is expected of them, and exactly what will happen if those expectations are not met. The parents will also clearly communicate what rewards and punishments are to be expected for any particular action. Then both parents will uphold those rewards or punishments, this is possibly the most important aspect of any type of parenting. The parents must be on the same page when it comes to punishment. If one parent punishes a child, then the other lets the child off the hook, this can create chaos within the home. It will cause the children to use one parent against the other and thus cause a rift between the parents.

Another of the things that you will usually find in a home where the children are raised by authoritative parenting is that the parents are somewhat flexible about some rules and boundaries. As a child ages some rules are no longer necessary, this type of parenting will allow for flexibility in changing some rules or expectations as the children grow to adulthood. With authoritative parenting, the parents take on the responsibility of becoming role models for their children, and they act accordingly.

Authoritative parents will listen to their children, but they make all of the decisions and the decisions are final. This type of parenting will encourage children to be independent. It has been found that children that are raised in a home that practices authoritative parenting are happier, more emotionally stable, they have better social skills, and they are self-confident. These are the basics of authoritative parenting, and as you can tell, if done right this type of parenting should produce well-adjusted adults that are prepared to take on life.

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